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Facial Serum 

Defend, Glowin', and Illuminate Facial Serum

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What Our Customers Say

"I definitely recommend, especially if you have really dry skin! The consistency of the products are great, the smells i love

(especially the lotion, its my favorite!!) i can definitely see a difference in how my skin feels since using these products and i love it so much. Definitely will need more soon!!" 

Taya Gooden

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"The beard oil is light  and smells good! It provides essential nutrients for softness and growth. And the lotions provides moisture without the weird slim, my skin looks healthy!"

Ar'Tadrian Evans

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"I’ve been using the beard oil and I’ve seen ALOT of growth plus it moisturizes my face fr.

Gave me hope to growing a beard!"

Nicholas Sykes

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Blue Flower Set
Blue Flower
Melanin By M3lanin:  Skin The Natural Way
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